Secure Outdoor Parking Storage For Boat & RV

At Elyria Storage Park, we understand the importance of keeping your prized possession safe and in good condition, if you love spending time on your boat or RV but have to store it during certain months, our outdoor parking storage options come in various sizes, ensuring a secure space for your boat or RV, whether you need it for the short or long term.
Secure Outdoor Parking Storage For Boat & RV

When You Need Boat & RV Storage
Your boat and RV are treasures, enabling you to enjoy weekend fishing trips, family outings, and memorable summer and holiday vacations. The challenge with owning a boat or RV is finding space for it, especially if you need a personal dock. Storing it at home can be risky due to theft or vandalism and Elyria Storage Park offers a safer alternative, we are a reliable storage facility that comes with advanced video surveillance for continuous security.
Types and Sizes Available for Boat & RV Storage
Outdoor Boat & RV Storage.
The most affordable and typical boat & RV storage option is outdoor storage, Elyria Storage Park offers open storage parking in different sizes. Starts as small as 10x25 and are available up to 45 or 50 feet in length, these sizes can fit practically any boat & RV. Outdoor Storage can help you save money, it’s affordable and has a cheaper cost than indoor storage. This option is ideal and secure, being located behind the gate and covered by surveillance cameras for more secure storage for your boat and RV. We can accommodate any size of boat and RV in our outdoor storage parking, from 15x45, and can maximize up to the size that you need. Please call or text us at (440) 468-6480 for detailed information.
Indoor Boat & RV Storage.
The most effective and ideal storage choice for boats and RVs is indoor storage, this provides a secure garage space and protects your boat and RV from elements, rain, or UV rays and this is also loved by boat and RV owners. At Elyria Storage Park, we offer 8’x20’ self-storage unit options for smaller watercrafts such as jet skis, skiffs, small drifters, kayaks and small trailers. We also have 30x32 indoor units that are perfect if you have high-end boats or RVs of any type such as toy hauler trailers, pop-up campers, small fifth-wheel trailers.
Reasons To Use Boat & RV Storage Free Up Space.
Elyria Storage Park helps free up space in your driveway, yard, or garage, preventing your boat or RV from taking over valuable areas at home.
Avoid violating your homeowner’s agreement.
Many neighborhoods have restrictions on storing large vehicles, so storing your boat and RV at Elyria Storage Park is a convenient solution that adheres to local regulations.
Elyria Storage Park being a reputable outdoor storage facility, we implement advanced security measures, including video surveillance, and fencing around the premises, to safeguard your boat and RV against theft or vandalism.
With Elyria Storage Park being in a convenient location, it’s beneficial to pick up and drop off your boat and RV as swiftly as possible.
Boat & RV Storage Features and Amenities.
  • Open area where you can safely leave your boat and RV.
  • Our spaces typically start at 25 feet and come in a variety of lengths to fit different sizes of boats and RVs.
  • 24/7 gate access, your boat or RV is available to you 24/7.
  • Accommodate boats and RVs of any size and length, and we also have spaces for Semi Truck and Trailer.
  • Near to the highway for easy access
  • 24/7 video surveillance cameras
  • Lighted - all around the premises for added access any time of the day or night.
  • Gated and Fenced
  • Extra Wide Driveways
Tips For Storing Boats & RV
Before storing your boat or RV for a long time, it's best to remove food, valuables, and fuel for security and to prevent pests. Closing the blinds can also help protect the interior from sun damage.
Invest in high-quality covers designed for boats and RVs to shield them from the elements. This helps prevent sun damage, water infiltration, and other weather-related issues.
Store outboard engines straight down.
Store your engine in the down position, the way it is when in the water so that moisture can drain. Never store an outboard with the gearbox higher than the engine. Water can work its way into the cylinders and do major damage.
Keep it clean.
Thoroughly clean and wash your boat or RV before storage to remove dirt, salt, and other contaminants. A clean vehicle is less susceptible to corrosion and other damage.
Winterize your outboard engine.
If storing during colder months, ensure your boat or RV is winterized to protect the engine, plumbing, and other components from freezing temperatures.
Protect and check tire pressure.
If you’re storing your RV outside, protect your tires with covers. UV rays can degrade the rubber on your tires. Inflate tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots and ensure they are ready for use when you retrieve your boat or RV.
Drain the water system.
During winter, freezing can damage your RV's plumbing. To prevent this, empty your fresh water and waste tanks before storing them. This helps avoid costly repairs in the next seasons.

Boat & RV Outdoor Parking Storage Near You
Elyria Storage Park is situated at 42208 Albrecht Rd, Elyria, OH 44035. We are serving the residents around Lorain, Sheffield, Amherst, Avon, North Ridgeville, Brentwood Lake, and surrounding areas. Call or text us at (440) 468-6480 or check our FAQs to learn more.
Boat & RV Outdoor Parking Storage FAQs
Do I need insurance to store a boat or RV in your self-storage facility?
Yes, we require personal insurance for your boat or RV. If you don't have one yet, consider our Tenant Protection Program in collaboration with SafeLease.
How much does your outdoor storage parking costs?
Our outdoor storage parking cost depends on the size that you need, please check our rates and availability page for more info. Call or text us at (440) 468-6480.
Can I store my boat outside during winter?
Yes! Ensure you safeguard and winterize your boat during its storage over the winter months.
What size do I need for a boat or RV?
We have 25 Ft., and 45 Ft. in length outdoor storage parking for your boat and RV, if you need bigger space Elyria Storage Park can accommodate your size requirements. Please text or call us at (440) 468-6480 for more information.