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Flex Warehouse Space That Fits Your Needs

Having an ideal flex warehouse space can greatly contribute to its success, whether it’s for business or personal storage purposes. The right flex warehouse space can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and eventually boost profitability. Explore the benefits of choosing a fully-equipped flex warehouse space with Elyria Storage Park.

What is Flex Warehouse Space and its Benefits
Whether you're a small business looking to transition from a home setting, rapidly expanding your inventory, or an established business seeking to simplify daily operations, our flex warehouse space is the perfect solution. We understand the importance of adaptability in securing the right flex warehouse space for your needs. This includes flexible lease terms. Moreover, having the flexibility to conduct business operations at different hours, irrespective of the time of day, is a key aspect.

Facility Amenities

Light in Unit
Secure Units
Temperature Controlled
24 Hours Access
Video Surveillance
  • 24 Hour Surveillance - We take security seriously.
  • Heat & Electric - Heated units with electricity.
  • High Ceilings and Wide Doors - Fit your equipment to our 14' high door and 16' high ceiling.
  • 24/7 Gate Access - Access your units anytime.
  • Shared Restrooms
  • Additional Swing Door
Flex Warehouse Space in Elyria OH
Flex Warehouse Space Features and Amenities
We value maximum efficiency and our flex warehouse space is designed for more added comfort to your business operations. All units have drive-up access, 14-foot high bay doors, 16-foot high ceilings, additional swing doors, heat and electricity, and month-to-month leases. Our flex warehouse space is accessible 24/7, fully secure with fence around the premises, gated and 24/7 video surveillance. For more information on pricing and availability, please visit our website. Reach out to Elyria Storage Park via email through our contact form or by calling and texting us at (440) 468-6480. Conveniently located at 42208 Albrecht Rd., Elyria, OH 44410.

Flex Warehouse Space Extra Amenities
24/7 Access. Many flex warehouse spaces provide 24/7 access, allowing builders to work during flexible hours and accommodate tight project schedules.
Convenient Location. Having a centralized location for materials and equipment streamlines logistics. Builders can easily access everything they need, saving time and improving overall operational efficiency.
Fully fenced and gated. Secure flex warehouse space with gated and fenced perimeters adds an extra level of protection, discouraging unauthorized access and improving the overall safety of stored items.
16 Ft Ceiling Height. Our extra large storage units boast a 16 Ft. ceiling height, accommodating mezzanines or loft structures for added storage, offices, or work areas, optimizing cubic footage for diverse needs.
14 Ft High Bay Doors. Fit your equipment and truck to easily load or unload your tools or belongings.
Heated Units. Ensure a steady temperature to protect your belongings from temperature-related damage, preventing issues like warping, cracking, or rusting.
Extra Wide Driveways. This offers convenient and effective access for both business owners and individuals, making it easy to navigate vehicles and the loading and unloading process of your tools and equipment.
Flexible Lease Terms. A month-to-month lease provides customers with flexibility, allowing them to modify their storage arrangements without being bound by a long-term commitment.
Outdoor Parking. Elyria Storage Park provides secure outdoor parking for storing vehicles, boats, RVs, campers, motorhomes, semi-trucks, and trailers. This open-air solution offers accessible space without the need for an enclosed storage unit.
Businesses That Benefit From Our Flex Warehouse Space
Small Businesses.
Small businesses with limited storage needs can benefit from the flexibility of adjusting the space without committing to a long-term lease.
Startups Companies.
Startups with evolving storage requirements can benefit from our flex warehouse space, adjusting the space as their business grows or changes.
Retailers can utilize our flex warehouse space to store excess inventory, and seasonal items, or handle fluctuations in supply and demand.
Construction Companies.
Our flex warehouse space provides a secure space for storing construction equipment, tools, and materials.
Home Builders.
Our flex warehouse spaces provide ample room to store construction materials, tools, and equipment. This ensures that essential items are readily available when needed for home improvement projects.
Boats and RVs Storage.
Our flex warehouse space may also serve as indoor parking for your high-end cars, boats, and RVs that are less than 30 ft. long.

How Safe and Secure Is Your Flex Warehouse Space?
At Elyria Storage Park, the safety and security of your belongings are our priority. We understand how important it is to have peace of mind when storing your items, which is why we have implemented security measures. Our premises are equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras ensuring monitoring and protection. Additionally, the surroundings are well lit creating an environment for you to access your flex warehouse space at any time. The entire area is fully fenced, adding a layer of security. We believe that comprehensive security features are crucial, in helping you achieve your business goals. If you're interested, in learning more or would like to schedule a tour of our warehouse space please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding storage solutions tailored to your business or personal needs. You can reach us at (440) 468 6480. Visit our FAQs page for information.
Flex Warehouse Space Near You
Elyria Storage Park flex warehouse space units are situated at 42208 Albrecht Rd, Elyria, OH 44035. Serving the residents around Lorain, Sheffield, Amherst, Avon, North Ridgeville, Brentwood Lake and surrounding areas. Call or text us at (440) 468-6480 or check our FAQs to learn more.

Flex Warehouse Space FAQs
Are the utilities included?
No, our flex warehouse space units have these costs separate and will be billed accordingly.
How do I find Flex Warehouse Space units near me?
If you’re looking for a flex warehouse space near you, Elyria Storage Park is located at 42208 Albrecht Rd., Elyria, OH 44435. Call us at (440) 468-6480 and rent our Flex Warehouse Space today!
Can I use my Flex Warehouse Space as an office?
Yes. Our flex warehouse space is perfect for office use aside from storing personal items, business materials and equipment.
Where are you located?
Elyria Storage Park is located in Northeast Ohio, Lorain County. We are situated at 42208 Albrecht Rd, Elyria, OH 44035.