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Extra Large Storage Units For Personal and Business Use

If you're experiencing a space crunch with equipment and trucks crowding your garage and driveway, or your inventory overflowing into your living space, Elyria Storage Park offers extra-large storage solutions. Designed to cater to the needs of established businesses aiming to streamline operations, our spacious extra-large units provide affordable and accessible storage for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of using an Extra Large Storage
The advantages of having an extra-large storage space are numerous. First, it provides abundant room to accommodate a significant volume of belongings or inventory, offering flexibility for diverse storage needs. This size is particularly beneficial for businesses, contractors, or individuals with substantial storage requirements. Moreover, it provides room for future growth, ensuring that your storage solution remains suitable as your needs grow.

Facility Amenities

Light in Unit
Secure Units
Temperature Controlled
24 Hours Access
Video Surveillance
  • 24 Hour Surveillance - We take security seriously.
  • Heat & Electric - Heated units with electricity.
  • High Ceilings and Wide Doors - Fit your equipment to our 14' high door and 16' high ceiling.
  • 24/7 Gate Access - Access your units anytime.
  • Shared Restrooms
  • Additional Swing Door
Extra Large in Elyria OH
Extra Large Storage Features and Amenities
Elyria Storage Park provides a range of amenities designed for optimal efficiency. Our extra large storage features drive-up access for easy loading and unloading, high bay doors, high ceilings, heat and electricity, month-to-month leases, and 24/7 accessibility. The entire premises are fully fenced, and we maintain video-monitored surveillance for added security. Our spacious extra-large units measure 30 feet in width by 32 feet in depth, providing nearly 1,000 square feet of available space. These units are equipped with heat and electricity, overhead lights, a 14-foot high bay door, and a 16-foot ceiling height, complemented by an additional swing door. For detailed information on pricing and availability, please visit our website. Feel free to reach out to Elyria Storage Park via email through our contact form or by calling and texting us at 440) 468-6480. Conveniently located at 42208 Albrecht Rd., Elyria, OH 44410.

Businesses that benefit from our Extra Large Storage Units
Retail Business.
Hold your excess inventory economically by choosing our storage solutions instead of renting traditional commercial space. This is particularly practical for oversized items like furniture.
Construction Companies.
Extra large storage provides a secure space for storing construction equipment, tools, and materials.
Furniture Stores.
Offers the capacity to store oversized items, such as furniture and home goods.
Landscaping Business.
Safeguard your home by storing trucks, trailers, mowers, and other equipment in our spacious extra-large units.
HVAC Services.
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies can store tools, replacement parts, and equipment in our extra large storage units.
Distribution and Logistics.
Businesses involved in distribution and logistics can use our extra-large storage for storing inventory, packaging materials, and shipping supplies.
Car, Boats and RVs Storage.
Our Contractor garages may also serve as indoor parking for your high-end cars, boats, and RVs that are less than 30 ft. long.

How safe and secure is an Extra Large Storage?
When choosing the perfect extra-large storage facility for your business, security becomes the paramount consideration. Elyria Storage Park prioritizes security with 24-hour surveillance cameras surrounding the premises, well-lit areas, and a fully fenced environment, ensuring you can safely access your storage at any time, day or night. It's imperative to have these extensive security features in place at your chosen storage facility for business goals. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and schedule a visit to our extra-large storage. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you in finding the optimal storage solution tailored to the unique requirements of your business. For more information, please contact us at (440) 468-6480 or visit our FAQs page.
Extra Large Storage Features and Amenities
High Ceilings. Our extra large storage units boast a 16 Ft. ceiling height, accommodating mezzanines or loft structures for added storage, offices, or work areas, optimizing cubic footage for diverse needs.
High Bay Doors. Fit your equipment and truck to easily load or unload your tools or belongings.
Fully fenced and gated. Secure and enclosed extra large storage units with gated and fenced perimeters add an extra level of protection, discouraging unauthorized access and improving the overall safety of stored items. Furthermore, these measures instill confidence in users, creating a controlled and secure environment that reduces the likelihood of theft or vandalism.
Heated Units. Ensure a steady temperature to protect your belongings from temperature-related damage, preventing issues like warping, cracking, or rusting.
Extra Wide Driveways. Generous-width driveways offer convenient and effective access for both business owners and individuals, making it easy to navigate vehicles and streamline the loading and unloading process. This layout not only improves safety and accessibility but also enhances the overall customer experience by minimizing congestion and optimizing operations within our storage facility.
Month-to-month lease. A month-to-month lease provides customers with flexibility, allowing them to modify their storage arrangements without being bound by a long-term commitment. This adaptable agreement offers convenience for both individuals and businesses, accommodating fluctuations in storage needs or unforeseen transitions without the limitations of a fixed-term lease.
Outdoor Parking. Elyria Storage Park also has secure outdoor parking and offers a cost-effective solution for storing vehicles, boats, RV, campers, motorhomes, semi trucks and trailers providing accessible space without needing an enclosed storage unit. This option is ideal for those seeking short-term storage or seasonal vehicle storage, offering a convenient and affordable alternative to indoor storage options.
Extra Large Storage Unit Near You
Elyria Storage Park is situated at 42208 Albrecht Rd, Elyria, OH 44035. Serving the residents around Lorain, Sheffield, Amherst, Avon, North Ridgeville, Brentwood Lake and surrounding areas. Call or text us at (440) 468-6480 or check our FAQs to learn more.

Extra Large Storage FAQs
What is the lease length requirement?
Whether you require extra large storage for just a month or an extended period, there's no need to sign an additional lease to meet increased demands. Stay for as long as you need storage without the concern of lengthy commitments. Call or text us at (440) 468-6480 for questions.
Can I receive deliveries at my Extra Large Storage unit?
In our commitment to help your business effectively, and to prioritize the secure receipt of your items, we cannot accept deliveries on your behalf as a precautionary measure.
What hours can I access my Extra Large Storage unit?
You have 24/7 access to your extra-large storage unit, allowing you to visit at any time that suits your convenience. For more information, please contact us at (440) 468-6480 or visit our FAQs page.
Where are you located?
Elyria Storage Park is located in Northeast Ohio, Lorain County. We are situated at 42208 Albrecht Rd, Elyria, OH 44035.